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Liliane Sprenger-Charolles, Senior Research Scientist (Emeritus), CNRS


Contact information

Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, CNRS UMR 7290
AMU (Aix-Marseille-Univ), Centre St Charles
3 place Victor Hugo (Bâtiment 9, Case D)
13331 Marseille CEDEX 3 - France

Phone Numbers :
- From France : 04 13 55 09 92 or 06 18 81 13 26
- Out of France : 334 or 336 instead of 04 or 06

My secondary office
Address : 10 rue Jean du Bellay, 75004 Paris - France
Phone Number :
- From France :  01 53 10 84 09 
- Out of France : 331 instead of 01




Liliane Sprenger-Charolles (LSC) is a linguist and a psycholinguist (PhD, 1988, Paris-Descartes ; Habilitation, 1996, Paris-Diderot). From 1990 to 2011, she has been working as Senior Research Scientist of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris-Descartes : Until the end of 2005, she was heading the Literacy team of the “LEAPLE” (Laboratoire Acquisition et Pathologie du Langage de l’Enfant) ; In 2006, she has joined the "LPE" (Laboratoire de Psychologie Expérimentale) and, after, the "LPP" (Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception). Since 2012, she is working in the "LPC" (Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, CNRS and Aix-Marseille-University).

LSC has conducted research on reading acquisition with a special focus on the establishment of written-word identification mechanisms in typical development, their dysfunctions in developmental dyslexia and the origin (at behavioral and brain levels) of these dysfunctions. She has also investigated the relationships between written-word identification mechanisms versus reading and listening comprehension in different populations : e.g. children with dyslexia compared to children with a specific language impairment (SLI), children from low SES families...

LSC is also involved in the development of tools for researchers and teachers :
Tests to assess reading and reading-related skills :
-EVALEC : Sprenger-Charolles, L., Colé, P., Béchennec, D., & Kipffer-Piquard, A. (2005). French normative data on reading and related skills from EVALEC : A new computerized battery of tests (end Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4). ERAP ; 55:157–186. DOI:10.1016/j.erap.2004.11.002
-EGRA (Early Grade Reading Assessment) with the World Bank and RTI (Research Triangle Institute, US)
Based on a large lexical corpus from 50 books used in elementary school in France (Manulex), development of statistics on :
-the frequency of lexical units and sublexical units (grapheme-phoneme correspondences [GPCs], morpho-phonograms...)
-the consistency of GPCs, especially when the morphological status of orthographic and phonological strings is considered (see Manulex-Morpho)

LSC has been hired as a consultant by
-International Institutes : e.g. World Bank, UNESCO...
-National Ministries : e.g. Ministry of Education (France), Ministry of Health (France),
-National Institutes : e.g. Nat. Institute of Health (INSERM, France), Research Triangle Institute (RTI, USA)
-Private Companies : e.g. Leapfrog (USA), a leader in the development of educational tools....

She is also involved in teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, mainly for psychologists, speech therapists, teachers and physicians (in France and French territories, and in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, the USA, Canada…).