The average baboon brain: MRI templates and tissue probability maps from 89 individuals


  • Love Scott
  • Marie Damien
  • Roth Muriel
  • Lacoste Romain
  • Nazarian Bruno
  • Bertello Alice
  • Coulon Olivier
  • Anton Jean-Luc
  • Meguerditchian Adrien


  • Non-human primate

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The baboon (Papio) brain is a remarkable model for investigating the brain. The current work aimed at creating a population-average baboon (Papio anubis) brain template and its left/right hemisphere symmetric version from a large sample of T1-weighted magnetic resonance images collected from 89 individuals. Averaging the prior probability maps output during the segmentation of each individual also produced the first baboon brain tissue probability maps for gray matter, white matter and cerebrospinal fluid. The templates and the tissue probability maps were created using state-of-the-art, freely available software tools and are being made freely and publicly available: or It is hoped that these images will aid neuroimaging research of the baboon by, for example, providing a modern, high quality normalization target and accompanying standardized coordinate system as well as probabilistic priors that can be used during tissue segmentation.

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