Are similar control processes implemented during single and dual language production? Evidence from switching between speech registers and languages


  • Declerck Mathieu
  • Ivanova Iva
  • Grainger Jonathan
  • Duñabeitia Jon Andoni


  • Language switching
  • Register switching
  • Bilingual language control
  • Speech register control

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To investigate whether similar control processes are used during single and dual language production , we compared register switching (formal and informal speech in the same language) vs. language switching (French and English). The results across two experiments showed a positive correlation of overall register-and language-switch costs and similar formal French switch costs across the two switching tasks. However, whereas increasing the cue-to-stimulus interval resulted in a reduction of language-switch costs, register-switch costs were unaffected by the interval manipulation. This difference in switch-cost pattern indicates that control processes are not entirely identical during single and dual language production.

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