A Computational Model for Simulating Text Comprehension


  • Lemaire Benoît
  • Denhière Guy
  • Bellissens Cédrick
  • Jhean-Larose Sandra


  • Text comprehension
  • Computational model
  • Construction-integration

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In the present article, we outline the architecture of a computer program for simulating the process by which humans comprehend texts. The program is based on psycholinguistic theories about human memory and text comprehension processes, such as the onstruction-integration model (Kintsch, 1998), the latent semantic analysis theory of knowledge representation (Landauer & Dumais, 1997), and the predication algorithms (Kintsch, 2001; Lemaire & Bianco, 2003), and it is intended to help psycholinguists investigate the way humans comprehend texts.

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