Validated Intraclass Correlation Statistics to Test Item Performance Models


  • Courrieu Pierre
  • Brand-d'Abrescia Muriele
  • Peereman Ronald
  • Spieler Daniel
  • Rey Arnaud


  • Model test
  • Misfit detection
  • Intraclass correlation
  • Item performance databases

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A new method, with an application program in Matlab code, is proposed for testing item performance models on empirical databases. This method uses data intraclass correlation statistics as expected correlations to which one compares simple functions of correlations between model predictions and observed item performance. The method rests on a data population model whose validity for the considered data is suitably tested, and has been verified for three behavioural measure databases. Contrarily to usual model selection criteria, this method provides an effective way of testing under-fitting and over-fitting, answering the usually neglected question "does this model suitably account for these data?

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