Missing Data Imputation and Corrected Statistics for Large-Scale Behavioral Databases


  • Courrieu Pierre
  • Rey Arnaud


  • Model goodness of fit
  • Missing data imputation
  • Statistics corrected for missing data
  • Item performance behavioral databases
  • Model goodness of fit

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Abstract. This paper presents a new methodology to solve problems resulting from missing data in large-scale item performance behavioral databases. Useful statistics corrected for missing data are described, and a new method of imputation for missing data is proposed. This methodology is applied to the DLP database recently published by Keuleers et al. (2010), which allows us to conclude that this database fulfills the conditions of use of the method recently proposed by Courrieu et al. (2011) to test item performance models. Two application programs in Matlab code are provided for the imputation of missing data in databases, and for the computation of corrected statistics to test models.

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