An ERP investigation of location invariance in masked repetition priming


  • Dufau Stéphane
  • Grainger Jonathan
  • Holcomb Phillip J.

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In an experiment combining masked repetition priming and the recording of event-related potentials (ERPs) the location of prime stimuli relative to centrally located target words was manipulated. Prime words could appear at the same location as targets or shifted one letter position to the right or to the left. Repetition priming effects (amplitude differences across the repeat vs. unrelated prime conditions) were found in a series of ERP components starting at around 100 msec posttarget onset. The earliest of these, the N/P150 component, was found to be sensitive to prime location. Repetition priming was only apparent with centrally located primes in this component. Repetition priming effects in later components (N250 and N400), on the other hand, were not affected by prime location. The results are interpreted in terms of location-specific letter detectors that map onto a higher level, location-invariant orthographic code for printed words.

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