On the resolution of phonological constraints in spoken production: Acoustic and response time evidence


  • Buerki Audrey
  • Frauenfelder Ulrich H.
  • Alario F-Xavier


  • Phonological context
  • Pronunciation
  • Words

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This study examines the production of words the pronunciation of which depends on the phonological context. Participants produced adjective-noun phrases starting with the French determiner un. The pronunciation of this determiner requires a liaison consonant before vowels. Naming latencies and determiner acoustic durations were shorter when the adjective and the noun both started with vowels or both with consonants, than when they had different onsets. These results suggest that the liaison process is not governed by the application of a local contextual phonological rule; they rather favor the hypothesis that pronunciation variants with and without the liaison consonant are stored in memory.

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