GraphoGame : un outil numérique pour enfants en difficultés d’apprentissage de la lecture

  • Ruiz Jean-Philippe
  • Lassault Julie
  • Sprenger-Charolles Liliane
  • Richardson Ulla
  • Lyytinen Heikki
  • Ziegler Johannes C

  • Dyslexia
  • Intervention
  • Digital tools
  • School


The systematic teaching of spelling-to-sound relations (decoding) is necessary for learning to read. Digital tools such as GraphoGame, a Finnish audio-visual reading game, can facilitate the initiation and automatization of the decoding process. This article presents a French adaptation of GraphoGame for smartphones and tablets. This adaptation implements a psycholinguistic progression that takes into account orthographic, phonological and lexical properties of the French language. A randomized control trial, which was conducted with 1st and 2nd grade children at risk for dyslexia, showed greater benefits in the reading of words after GraphoGame training than after a non-computerized training or a computerized math training. These first results suggest that computerized tools, such as GraphoGame, are beneficial for children at risk for dyslexia.