A psycholinguist who spoke his mouth: Introduction to the special issue on bilingualism in honour of Albert Costa


  • Alario F.-Xavier
  • Keysar Boaz
  • Caramazza Alfonso
  • Sebastián-Gallés Nuria


  • Lexical access
  • Cognitive control
  • Decision
  • Bilingualism

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Albert Costa was a dear friend and colleague who died young but accomplished much. We provide a brief sketch of his scientific contributions to the field of psycholinguistics and bilingualism. The articles included in the special issue are then presented along three research topics developed by Albert Costa in his own career: Lexical access in bilingualism, executive control in bilingualism, and judgement and decision making in a foreign language. The articles explore topics such as competition within and across words in unimodal or bimodal bilinguals, and its links to domain-general executive control, the reshaping of word form knowledge following second language learning, the stakes and methods involved in investigating accented speech, and the contrast between decision making in the native or second language. We hope this collection provides an up-to-date perspective on the rich field of bilingualism research, and a modest homage to our late friend and colleague.

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