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My research interests are focusing on the links between sequence learning and language acquisition. More precisely, I am interested in how the ability to memorize sequence material influences novel word learning and orthographic processing.

During my PhD, I worked on the implication of sequence memory in oral and written word learning in primary school children with Prof. Arnaud Szmalec and Prof. Steve Majerus.

Currently, I am working on sequence learning in baboons with Dr. Joël Fagot, Dr. Arnaud Rey, and Dr. Jonathan Grainger. This type of regularity extraction ability has been proposed to be a core cognitive ability in language acquisition. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the nature of regularity extraction processes in species that do not use language. Moreover, we would like to know whether word-like sequence learning is possible in the absence of any preexisting language experience.

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Sequence learning and language acquisition


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