Our goal

Studying the cognitive functions that characterize human intelligence.


Studying the cognitive functions that characterize human intelligence

The Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology (UMR 7290) is an interdisciplinary research center (CNRS / AMU) located in Marseille (St Charles), France.


At the intersection of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, the LPC brings together specialists in vision, perception, attention, memory, reasoning, social cognition and language. The studies carried out in this study focus on cognitive plasticity (development, aging) as well as on cerebral bases, modulation by the social context or dysfunction of cognitive functions. Basic research projects on reading in the baboon, for example, are complemented by applied research projects: dyslexia, iPhone applications, eating behavior, smoking, transportation safety ...

The LPC also hosts two ERC laureates And is part of the LABEX Brain and Language Research Institute.

The research is structured around five main themes, each represented by a team:

Cognition and social context

Perception and attention

Developpement and cognitive agings


Compared cognition