Contribution of Working Memory Processes to Relational Matching-to-Sample Performance in Baboons (Papio papio)


  • Maugard Anaïs
  • Marzouki Yousri
  • Fagot Joêl

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Recent studies of monkeys and apes have shown that these animals can solve relational-matching-to-sample (RMTS) problems, suggesting basic abilities for analogical reasoning. However, doubts remain as to the actual cognitive strategies adopted by nonhuman primates in this task. Here, we used dual-task paradigms to test 10 baboons in the RMTS problem under three conditions of memory load. Our three test conditions allowed different predictions, depending on the strategy (i.e., flat memorization of the percept, reencoding of the percept, or relational processing) that they might use to solve RMTS problems. Results support the idea that the baboons process both the items and the abstract (same and different) relations in this task.

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