Manulex-MorphO, a database on French orthography taking morpho-phonograms into account


  • Peereman Ronald
  • Sprenger-Charolles Liliane

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The consistency of grapheme-phoneme and phoneme-grapheme correspondences (GPhC-PhGC) is a key factor in learning to read and spell in an alphabetic writing system. It is therefore necessary to have statistics on these relationships in the written lexicon addressed to a child. Until now, these statistics were made independently of the morphology, which differentiates written from spoken French: most of inflectional morphemes are written but not pronounced (< s > in amis `friends', to chantes `you sing', gris `grey'); others are homophones but not homographs (< ais > and < ait > in chantais, chantait `you-s/he sang'), which has a negative impact on learning to read and to spell. For these reasons, in Manulex-MorphO, we examined the contribution of morphology to the consistency of GPhC and PhGC. The article presents this database as well as potential uses in literacy programs.

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