An international survey of perceptions of the 2014 FIFA World Cup: National levels of corruption as a context for perceptions of institutional corruption


  • Nezlek John
  • Newman David
  • Schütz Astrid
  • Baumeister Roy
  • Schug Joanna
  • Joshanloo Mohsen
  • Lopes Paulo
  • Alt Nicholas
  • Cypryańska Marzena
  • Depietri Marco
  • Gorbaniuk Oleg
  • Huguet Pascal
  • Kafetsios Konstantinos
  • Koydemir Selda
  • Kuppens Peter
  • Park Sanghee
  • Martin Alvaro San
  • Schaafsma Juliette
  • Simunovic Dora
  • Yokota Kunihiro


  • Sports
  • Contract law
  • Surveys
  • Governments
  • Law enforcement
  • Sensory perception
  • Games
  • United States

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We conducted a survey about the 2014 FIFA World Cup that measured attitudes about FIFA, players, and officials in 18 languages with 4600 respondents from 29 countries. Sixty percent of respondents perceived FIFA officials as being dishonest, and people from countries with less institutional corruption and stronger rule of law perceived FIFA officials as being more corrupt and less competent running the tournament than people from countries with more corruption and weaker rule of law. In contrast, respondents evaluated players as skilled and honest and match officials as competent and honest. We discuss the implications of our findings for perceptions of corruption in general.

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