A new vessel-based method to estimate automatically the position of the non-functional fovea on altered retinography from maculopathies


  • Calabrese Aurelie
  • Fournet Vincent
  • Dours Severine
  • Matonti Frédéric
  • Castet Eric
  • Kornprobst Pierre

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In pathological fundus images with maculopathies, the fovea position is usually located using Normative Anatomical Measures (NAM). This simple method relies on two conditions: that images are acquired under standard testing conditions (primary head position and central fixation) and that the optic disk is entirely visible on the image. However, these two conditions are not always met in the case of maculopathies, especially during fixation tasks. Here, we propose a new Vessel-Based Fovea Localization (VBFL) approach.

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