Methods and Analysis Department

The Experimentation and Analysis Service (SEA) works closely with the lab members on their research projects in behavior, electrophysiology (EEG / ERP) and eye movements. It intervenes at different stages of the research production cycle, in particular in:

  • Experimental design
  • The generation and control of stimuli
  • The programming of experiments
  • The passing of experiences
  • Data processing
  • statistics
  • modeling

The SEA also carries out more general accompaniments (students, project) and intervenes in acts of formation.
You can request support from the AES by filling out this electronic form (pdf).
This document is to be sent by e-mail to Stéphane Dufau, head of the SEA. The subject of the message must be sufficiently explicit, for example "Application for support SEA".
Once the form has been received, the SEA team will contact the applicant to organize their project as well as possible. Finally, the ASP may be asked to assist in the formulation of the application for support.

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